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Audits Reviews and Compilations

More than Just a Statement

Through the process of financial statement preparation, our clients deserve a service that enhances value and efficiency within their operations. We offer extensive expertise, and keep ahead of the curve on industry practices. We plan each engagement to customize our approach for our clients' specific needs thereby minimizing any disruption to their organization. Regardless of the level of assurance that your bank, bonding agent or investors require, we can meet your needs.

Audits: We tailor our audits to fit the needs of our clients and their industry. Because we limit our audit practice to limited areas, we can understand operations and offer a focused approach to the risk areas unique to you. Accurate reporting is created in a highly effective manner through proper planning, testing and risk assessment. We build long relationships with our clients so that we communicate in a way that makes sense.

Reviews: Some clients' financial statement users require a review instead of an audit. This option is less costly and does not offer the same level of assurance as an audit. Reviews are conducted in accordance with the Standards for Accounting and Review Services issued by the AICPA.

Compilations: From time to time someone within the organization and occasionally an external user will request a compilation of the financial statements. We will compile financial statements from the information our clients provide to us. Although we offer no opinion on the underlying financial information, the statements are prepared in accordance with professional standards.