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More than Building, More than a Contract

 No matter how long you have been in business Construction Companies have many factors to asses. You need to determine if a project is a good investment for your business. What kind of profit will you make? What risks are associated? Do you have enough staff to complete the task on time and on budget?

Pipefitter turned CPA, Scott and his team know to look at your entire business.  Providing attest, tax and consulting services to contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and construction-related entities, we can help you make smart decisions today and for your legacy.

In order to keep abreast of our clients we need to provide more than just a financial statement or tax return. We work closely with our clients to understand their goals and become their trusted business advisor.  We have been known to accompany our clients to meetings with bankers and to negotiate with bonding agents to either lessen requirements or lower rates.  Your overall success is our priority.